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2954 Oakwood SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506


Tool Chess sets are 32 handsome, handcrafted chess pieces served in a tool chest carrying case. They are made in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan by myself and my father. Tool Chess pieces are handcrafted out of everyday hardware pieces that are powder-coated, giving them a beautiful finish. They're quite hefty.

Tool Chess was invented around the time the family business -- a machine tool business based in Grand Rapids, Michigan called Gallmeyer and Livingston -- was closing down. A couple shop workers replaced a lost chess piece with some hardware pieces and my grandpa thought up the name "Tool Chess."


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William Gallmeyer

I have really been appreciating Grand Rapids lately. Just last Saturday I volunteered at the Nest (a project in collaboration with The Alliance for Environmental Sustainability and Homes of Hope), attended an orientation at Well House and volunteered with the GR Makers.

The GR Maker Space is now filled with tables and projects. Photo from .

The GR Maker Space is now filled with tables and projects. Photo from

I also visited Grand Rapids' Moped Army branch, the Ghost Riders, at their new workshop, which is awesome. I spoke with a friend about a new music project. I went to a workshop at GVSU for small business owners, sponsored by the Michigan SBDC. And this weekend I left it all to go up north and enjoy the spring weather. I really have to put my nose to the grindstone and get working on some new Tool Chess sets.

But the point is, really great stuff is happening right here in Grand Rapids! It's a perfect place to start a little crafty/manufacturing business like Tool Chess. Leave a comment with a link to something cool happening in town that we might not know about!